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Smooth it or Shoosh it?

Smooth it or Shoosh it?

Your hair might look a little different from normal right now. Whether that’s a fringe that’s starting to graze your eyelashes, or a crop that’s leaning more towards bob than pixie….many of us are trying new styles to keep our hair feeling its best, without our beloved hairdressers. Hair is the smallest drop in the ocean of priorities at the moment, but nevertheless, it’s a part of our identity, it’s one of the first things we see when we look in the mirror and if experimenting with styles helps us feel ever so slightly more in control at this time? That’s a win in our eyes.

Introducing our small….but oh so mighty styling products. Many of you will be fully acquainted with this power pair, but just in case you’re not….

Lifeshine Oil is our fragrant, light-weight, multi-purpose oil, for smoothing, nourishing and taming your silver post wash or on dry hair for a high-gloss finish. With moisturising extracts and nutrients from the Baobab Tree or ‘Tree of Life’, get softer, shinier, smoother silver in a few drops. Ideal for use on mid-length, long hair or curls in need of a de-tangle.

Shooshing Crème brings the oomph, with weightless texture, definition, volume and lift in a flash. With a touch of moisturising White Truffle, whip flat, fluffy hair into shape. A little goes a long way. Our tube may be small, but it is mighty. Use a pea-sized (or smaller) amount, rub fully into your hands and scrunch into your roots. It might take a few goes to find your ‘shooshing’ style, but once you do… you won’t look back.

*BEAUTY HACK* A customer recently shared her Lifeshine/Shoosh COMBO…. Apply Shooshing Crème onto wet hair, follow with Lifeshine Oil and blow dry for instant volume PLUS dreamy shine.

You might want to try using Lifeshine Oil for a slicked back look on a slightly overgrown pixie crop? Or maybe add a little bit of Shooshing Crème to a bob that’s lost its shape? Both are also available as part of bundles and combos if you fancy a whole regime. Whatever you choose to do, we hope it helps you to embrace your grey as it is right now…. And maybe find a new look you love in the process.

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