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Silver is ageless

Silver is ageless

Today, I wanted to send you a note about ditching the dye and age. Although they are two topics that we at White Hot don’t think have to be related, they inevitably come up in news coverage, conversation and our minds along our journey to the silver life.

I recently read an article about the increasing number of women embracing grey younger, going dye-free and celebrating their hair, as it is naturally.

There can often be even more stigma for younger dye-ditchers. Just like us, many 'greyfluencers' on social media wish to build positive communities based on the 'natural privilege' of silver life at any age, challenging beauty norms and standards while empowering others to do the same.

I loved reading that for many, their mothers and grandmothers had embraced dye-free hair for many years and therefore....they didn't see it as a big deal. It isn't seen as weird, scary or particularly unusual, just normal, positive and liberating.

As we always say, for us, age doesn't come into it. And it doesn’t have to for you, either. Freedom and celebrating who you are, as you are, is what it's about. Most importantly, doing what feels right for you.

If dyeing makes you feel most yourself, most empowered...keep going.

If you're curious about what's underneath or feel a pull to free yourself of dye...try it.

No doubt, the ‘it’s ageing’ brigade will continue, but we want to be a part of the increasingly positive and wonderful wave of changing attitudes towards age, dyeing and living. At White Hot, the most important lesson we can pass onto our daughters and granddaughters is that the choice is theirs. At any age.

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White Hot Founder