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Silver Conversations

Silver Conversations

We absolutely love hearing from you on both Facebook and Instagram and recently more than ever, have been having some great conversations with our silver tribe. We so enjoy seeing your selfies, hearing your stories and sharing the White Hot love.

I know that there is (much) more to life than hair, but I wanted to share a few lovely messages we have had about our products and how they’ve made you feel.

They’re giving us a much needed boost, so thank you.

I’ve recently stocked up and have at least one of every White Hot product. Standards need to be maintained! ?. Love them all. Stay safe and well to you all at White Hot Hair. - Elizabeth

 I absolutely love this product. I use the daily and the weekly shampoos and the deep conditioner once a week. this is an amazing product and makes my hair look healthy, bright and a lovely natural colour. I've told all my friends who have grey hair about White Hot Hair. I've tried many products for grey hair and this is by far the best. X - Amanda

You were the inspiration I needed to let my grey grow through and not regretted it!! Thank you and love your products. ?- Ruth

It took me a couple of goes to embrace the grey, but I'm so pleased I got there. If anyone is sitting on the fence this might be the time to give it a go, you might find you like it. Love White Hot Hair products, they really help to keep my greys looking shiny and healthy.- Yvonne

Thanks for making a product that helps me celebrate going grey. - Cathy

We’re a really small business, confined to home as most of you are and these messages really make us smile. If you want to get in touch, chat with us or ask any questions, drop us a message on Facebook or send an email to .

Take care,


Founder - White Hot