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Introducing our Pick & Mix gifts

Introducing our Pick & Mix gifts

We’ve launched a new Pick & Mix gift offer to help you put together the perfect present for someone special.

As well as our two new fantastic gift sets, this Christmas we’re launching our new Pick & Mix offer, to give you a multitude of options for a fabulous present.

How does Pick & Mix work?

It’s simple - choose from either our textured Travel Bag (£6) or our Vanity Case (£8) and then, if you’re feeling especially generous, choose the perfect mix from our range of six products, that you know will help their hair look and feel fantastic.

If you’re wondering about sizes, as a guide, the Vanity Case will take up to six products, the Travel Bag three of the bigger products, plus one of the smaller stylers too.

As a little extra, you could always pop in one of our Limited Edition Pom Pom Keyrings (£5)  - attached to these gorgeous balls of fluff, keys will never be lost at the bottom of bags ever again (but don’t hold us to that!)

And for a finishing touch, why not order a personalised initial gift tag? On deep purple ribbon, these wooden gift tags come in any letter of the alphabet and can be added to your order for just £2.

The point is, the choice is yours! Happy shopping! Visit our shop page now.