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Our Soaring Silver 20s Tips

Our Soaring Silver 20s Tips

We might have mentioned before, but we feel good about 2020. We have even coined our own name for the next decade… the Soaring Silver 20s. Each year brings new adventures, new experiences, new joy and of course new difficulties, but overall… we feel good. We want you to feel as positive as possible about your silver, whether you are a fully fledged member of the silver tribe, or you are on your way to grey.

Our top 3 Soaring Silver Tips:

Self Pampering
Have a go with our Intense Lustre Mask while you lie in the bath after a long day, or after a quick shampoo in the shower. It only takes 3-minutes and will leave you (and your silver) feeling boosted, brightened and hydrated.

Follow our Instagram @whitehothair ,  join our Facebook community for silver sisters (and brothers!) of all ages letting their grey flag fly or have a look at our Pinterest boards for styles from short to long. Whether you’re still growing out your grey or not, it helps to feel part of a like-minded community celebrating their fabulous colour choice.

Embrace the Grey
We see grey as just another great hair colour. From the media, to family and friends, everyone has their own opinion on ditching the dye. If you choose to embrace your natural colour, our first tip would be to find a brilliant hairdresser who champions grey. They can help you on your journey to silver and also help you feel positive along the way.

If you want to speak to a member of our team, need any advice or tips for your best silver, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via our Facebook page.

The White Hot Team

Image from Pinterest.