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Our hair how to’s…. Half-up half-down casual bun

Our hair how to’s…. Half-up half-down casual bun

Do you ever look at someone’s hair pinned up and would love to have a go yourself but haven’t got a clue how?  Us too. So, we’ve teamed up with one of our local hairdressers, Abi, to create a series of up-do styles that are low on complexity, high on impact. 

Here’s our first one - a half-up half-down casual bun.  Perfect for when you just want to switch it up a bit.  Watch the video and then use the step by step instructions below to help:


  1. Take a section of your hair from the crown and back - just the roots - it’s to give some light volume and structure.
  2. Add a hair bobble to hold this section in place.  Don’t make it too tight, you don’t want it to look scraped back and rigid.  Use your fingers to loosen the sides if necessary
  3. Twist the resulting ponytail around the bobble, pinning as you go.  You can buy white hair grips to help keep them hidden. Don't worry if there are stray loose bits - it's a casual look so it’s supposed to look a little bit messy
  4. Add hairspray to hold - Jayne’s favourite is Elnett

We are sure the end results will be fab, or at the very least you have fun trying.  Please send us your pictures, we’d love to see them and watch out for style no.2, the side chignon, which is a bit more of an evening affair.

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