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New to grey? Well on your way? Here to stay...?

New to grey? Well on your way? Here to stay...?

Another Friday, another check in. How are you all? Since my last email, the sun appears to be socially distancing from us in the UK, but I’m sure it’ll be back before we know it. I do love the bright blue skies and the sunny mornings, but I know my lawn will appreciate it and a spot of rain will help my newly planted lettuces grow a little too.

Talking of growing, our glorious communities on both Facebook and Instagram are blooming as the weeks go on, with more of you joining the conversation, sharing your top tips and White Hot favourites. It’s great to see. If you’re new to grey or maybe a little further down your silver path and fancy joining us, we share #greyspiration , articles, competitions and insider tips on both platforms daily. I also share video updates, tutorials and give you the lowdown on our products regularly too. If there are products you fancy trying or have already but want to see the products in action, I would also suggest giving those a watch. Here's a few to start off with...

Need a little help with your ‘shooshing’ technique? Click here.

Have a fear of the purple shampoo? Click here.

Fancy finding a new routine? Click here.

Whether you’re new to grey, well on your way or here to stay, we want to welcome you to our tribe. Even if you’re well and truly hooked on White Hot, you might fancy picking up a few tips or finding new ways of using your favourite products. Oh, and before I go, I just want to say thank you for all your support, kind words and White Hot love over the last few weeks. It really does mean a lot to me and my small team, from hearing your stories, to seeing your selfies and how much you love our range, it feels really great.

Anything you need from us? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram, find some inspo on Pinterest or drop us an email at [email protected].uk . We’re always more than happy to offer you product advice, or just a chat if that’s more what you need.

Take care,


Founder - White Hot

*Photo taken in my garden this week