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My Year Going Grey + 5 Fantastic Reasons You Should Too

My Year Going Grey + 5 Fantastic Reasons You Should Too

The stunning Melissa (pictured above) is celebrating her 1 year “transformational” anniversary next month, and has agreed to share her journey to grey with our White Hot community. She'll kindly be documenting her thoughts and feelings throughout the transition which you'll be able to keep up on our blog and YouTube channel. Here's her first guest post, we hope you enjoy it!

A year ago, the day I turned 36, I stopped dying my hair. Actually, I stopped dying my hair four years before that and switched over to Henna + Indigo. The “Hendigo” worked really well for me. It completely restored the shine and volume that had disappeared after a decade of hair dye damage, and did a very good job of covering up the grey. But… it took a night to prepare the gloopy mixture, then a full day wearing mud and cling film on my head, and then it was like a bloody murder shower scene washing it all out. So, after four years of this delightful monthly tradition, I quit. I knew my hair would be grey and I just didn’t care.

That’s a lie. I did care. I cared quite a lot. And to my surprise, my husband cared even more than me. My mum cared. My dad cared. My friends tilted their heads 45 degrees, and cared. The lady at the bank cared. My hairdresser – don’t even go there. I didn’t spend any time debating whether to let my hair go grey, I just did it. I didn’t ask anyone or tell anyone (until it was obvious). And guess what? Almost everyone in my life had an opinion, some good and some not so good. I had no idea that my hair would affect so many people.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my hair was making a statement. It was rebellious. It was powerful. I had badass hair. And I think it made some people uncomfortable. But for me, it has been an incredible journey of self-discovery. And once I got through the hard part (a.k.a. skunk stripe), I completely embraced it. So can you!

If you need a few more nudges in that direction, here are five more amazing reasons to take the plunge.

  • No more marinating in smelly hair dye. For me, hair dye isn’t healthy and just doesn’t fit with my natural-living philosophy.
  • Reveal your TRUE hair colour! Behold, your hair is [??????]. I am willing to bet that you’ll be surprised by what actually grows out of your head. I was shocked to see how many shades of silver and white highlights would be revealed in my regrowth. Even more surprised to see how dark my hair still was underneath. And I like it so much more than I thought I would!
  • Save yourself a couple hundred bucks/pounds every six-to-eight weeks. That’s right, say goodbye to expensive trips to the salon. This is such a bonus for your wallet but your hairdresser might not like it very much.
  • New makeup colours to play with. I think it goes without saying that a bright red lip, strong brow or pop of colour on the eyes all look fabulous alongside a mane of silver. Now is your chance to try a new look and experiment with colours that might not have suited you before. Have some fun, you deserve it!
  • This one is the most important. You get to be yourself. Your true, authentic self. What could be better than that?

BIO: Melissa Kimbell is a Paleo and Vegan beauty expert and the creator of her vintage-inspired skincare brand, Sweet Living Co. Formerly a freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director (Birthing Magazine), Melissa now writes and blogs about natural living, skin superfoods, and her transition to silver hair.