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My favourite things No.3 : The Good Wife

My favourite things No.3 : The Good Wife

What would Diane do?

Over the last 18 months or so I have been having an enduring love affair with The Good Wife on Netflix. It has been my ‘go to’ not-so-guilty pleasure and as I roll towards the end of the final series, I am going to miss them all so much.  I am utterly fascinated by wonderful actress Christine Baranski’s portrayal of lawyer Diane Lockhart and her amazing wardrobe which is, in a word, everything mine is not. Immaculate suits, powerful shoulders, huge statement jewellery, a hint of something sheer underneath. Pillar box red lipstick, totally swishy hair, stylish glasses, an occasional glimpse of a well-cut trouser. Camel, black, white, grey, red, everything tailored, nipped, elegant, glossy and … powerful.  She’s 60 something in real life and as Diane, she’s in control, witty, sexy and very, very smart.  Her one weekend away in a country cabin with her ballistics expert love interest barely altered her immaculate vibe.  How does she do that? As someone who’s never mastered glossy, is not compact enough for razor sharp tailoring and lacks the confidence for statement pieces, this is pure fantasy dressing.  Next time I go shopping I will ask myself ‘WWDD?’ Before I buy another black shift and trouser ensemble, who knows, I may emerge with giant pearls and an Armani jacket this year.  We’ll see.



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