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Let's Keep Shooshing

Let's Keep Shooshing

Although for many of us styling our hair has dropped off the priority list at the moment,  here’s a few tips for those in between days, to revive your ‘do’...without reaching for the shampoo. These ideas are particularly for those of us with shorter hair and it's what I do when I want a re-shape and revive rather than a full wash.

My secret weapon is always Shooshing Crème… I’m sure this will come as no surprise. I use it on hair-wash days and everything in between. On my post-washing day, I have a bit of a ‘re-shoosh’ to re-shape my bed head.  Here’s how:

This might leave your hair feeling a little larger than life, especially throwing bed-hair into the mix too. However, I brush through my hair before adding any more product to get rid of tangles and to remove any Shooshing Crème or hairspray from the day before. Yes, I could do that before I go to bed at night but this works better for me!

Keep it small 
Use a  tiny amount. Emphasis on the ‘tiny’. Start small and you can build as you go, adding is easier than taking away!

Hands and fingers
I find it easier to get the effect I like by rubbing the product across my palms and fingers before starting to work into my roots. This helps you avoid any excess ‘shoosh’ usage….

Work it
Really lift your hair by working it in from the roots, teasing the ends out to create shape and volume wherever you like it best….and voila!

Definition, volume and effortless oomph in a few simple steps…. Also saving you another hair-wash day. Any questions or advice you need? The team are more than happy to help via our Facebook page, or via email at [email protected].uk


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