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Keep it BRIGHT

Keep it BRIGHT

It’s Spring in the UK and for the most part, we have had some really glorious weather recently. Seeing the sunshine, hearing the birds and enjoying my garden daily have been such simple joys during the strangest of times and I feel very lucky to have outdoor space as I know not everyone does.

Although I’m so enjoying the sun making such a regular appearance, and I know that soaking up a bit of vitamin D is good for us, it can have a slightly yellowing effect on our grey. So here are a few things you can do to keep your grey looking bright and avoiding those yellow tones creeping in.

Clean it
Hydrate, cleanse and nourish your grey regularly. Keep up your washing routine, perhaps starting with Glorious Shampoo to neutralise any shine-dulling pollutants and then maybe swap in Brilliant Shampoo every few days for a brightening boost to avoid any dull or brassy tinges.

Mask it 
Our Intense Lustre Mask is a fabulous 3-minute miracle for deep hydration and brightening. Especially after a weekend in the sun. Is your hair looking particularly yellowy and dry? Perhaps start with Brilliant Shampoo and then pop on your Intense Lustre Mask for 3 minutes for oh so bright and nourished silver. *BONUS BEAUTY HACK* Although our mask is my ultimate fave, for an at-home mask, try Coconut Oil while you’re lying in the bath. It’s a great natural stain-remover.

Shade it 
Saving that *slightly large* statement straw hat (that you probably will never wear) for the summer? Wear it now! Protect your grey and bring a bit of style to the garden, helping to avoid too much yellow-inducing sun exposure in the process.

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