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June looks Luminous

June looks Luminous

Can you believe it’s June? I’ve been spending as much time outside as I can, soaking up the glorious sunshine, reading my book (A Theatre for Dreamers by Polly Samson currently) for some escapism. Set in Greece, it provides the perfect backdrop for holidaying in my mind.

Reading aside, I’m also here to talk hair. I don’t mean to sound like a stuck record, but we all know that sunlight can be very drying and have potentially yellowing effects on our grey. In the coming weeks, as the summer days continue in the UK, I suggest giving your silver some much needed hydration and maybe even a burst of brightening too.

Perhaps add a squeeze of Luminous Conditioner to your routine if you haven’t already, for super soft, shiny silver. Maybe give our Intense Lustre Mask a try, for a double whammy of hydration and brightening….Or how about our Brighten Duo, with our gentle violet Brilliant Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner combo, maybe finish with a few drops of Lifeshine Oil post-wash for a high gloss look?

You might also want to dig your straw hat out, or maybe grab a headband to protect your silver against the sun’s rays. Whatever you choose to do, do enjoy the sunshine and embrace the little more freedom this week.

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