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Jayne's Way to Grey

Jayne's Way to Grey

You’ve taken the first step. You decided to grow out your grey, embrace your silver side, ditch the dye. Now what?

It’s a decision that has to be made completely for you and by you. At times, you might feel regretful and can’t seem to banish the brassiness. Other times, you will catch a glisten of silver in the mirror and feel a little spark of joy to see your grey coming into its own. Let me tell you firstly, it is the best hair decision I ever made. It is completely liberating, freeing and also I have gained so much time back I would have been spending having my roots touched up! Totally worth it in every way.

I wanted to share my top 3 tips for embracing the grey in the hope that you feel either inspired to start your journey to grey-tness or encourage someone else to join the silver tribe. So...

  1. Find pictures of inspirational, gorgeous grey hair. Instagram is a great place to start. There are many different silver communities on both Instagram and Facebook. Firstly starting with ours @whitehothair on Instagram and White Hot Hair on Facebook- you will find people of all ages with glorious grey, curly, straight, short, long - we share it all. We also love @grombre and @thesilverwomen on Instagram among many others. I found that it gave me a real boost and encouragement to see people at the end of their journey, feeling confident, happy and proud of their silver- not to mention looking chic and stylish too! It’s a shame that you have to seek these images out, as the media is still catching up with our grey trend - however it is getting better.
  2. Find a grey-friendly hairdresser. As I have said in the past, my hairdresser was a huge part of me choosing to ditch the dye. Choosing someone who is grey-positive, supportive and knows exactly how to cut and style your silver to look its best is absolutely key.
  3. Keep your hair clean & nourished. This is an important one. More than anything, it’s essential when growing out your grey to not feel like you’re totally letting yourself go. Keeping your hair hydrated, bright, healthy and clean not only leaves your emerging grey looking better, but it makes you feel better too. Ultimately, feeling your best while on the path to grey is the most valuable tip I could give.

Our range is designed to care for hair both on the way to grey and at the final destination. As always, if you need any advice on products or what we think would work best for your hair please do contact the team at [email protected] - they would be more than happy to help.


Founder- White Hot