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Introducing our new White Hot models

Introducing our new White Hot models

Last autumn we ran a competition to find our new models. We were overwhelmed by the number of entries and could have chosen each and every one of you, but we eventually got to our final six. And here they are… our new White Hot models

Jo Cameron

Jo Cameron model

We loved Jo’s impish twinkle and brilliant white curls in her photograph and we could see her natural fizz would make her a great choice. In the flesh Jo is sparkly, beautiful and a real inspiration - so much energy for everything from making her own clothes to caravanning. And of course, great hair, naturally dried using a diffuser for her soft curls.


Thalia Demetriades

Thalia Demetriades model

Thalia is a Registrar at an independent school in London. In the photo she sent in, she had such a big smile and great haircut, we just couldn’t resist! In the flesh, Thalia is a bundle of positive energy with a short haircut that is so versatile you can turn it into different looks with a flick of the fingers and a touch of Shooshing Crème.



Vanessa McKendrick

Vanessa McKendrick model

Originally from New Zealand, Vanessa now lives in Surrey and has recently retrained as a chef. It was clear from Vanessa's picture that she is the outdoorsy type with real natural beauty and long hair that looks fresh and elegant. Living in an all male household, the shoot was a different experience for Vanessa and she took to it like a duck to water!


Carol Maud

Carol Maud model

We chose Carol for her classic and stylish short cut and razor sharp cheekbones - a winning combination. Carol told us she didn’t really like having her photo taken, but when we asked why she entered the competition, she said “You have to go for these things in life - regret what you do, not what you don’t” and this is the spirit we love in all our White Hot women.

Sue Murley

Sue Murley model


In the photograph Sue sent in, her gorgeous sharp bob showed off her glorious, natural silver hair perfectly. In the flesh Sue is elegance on legs! She drove the length of the country (and back, complete with cows on the M5) to come and join us and took it all in her charming stride. The shots we got were well worth the long journey.

Roisin O'Connor

Roisin O'Connor model

And last, but by no means least, say hi to Roisin. At the tender age of 41, Roisin is our youngest model. We loved the range of grey tones in her hair that so perfectly compliments her glowy skin. Apart from the charming Irish accent, Roisin is a lovely gentle presence, with the most gorgeous hair that looks as though it’s created by the most skilled colour artist!





If you’re a White Hot regular, you’ll be seeing much more of these faces. We hope you like these shots, and keep a look out for more from our new models in the future.