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Hand Luggage Hair Heroes

Hand Luggage Hair Heroes

If you’re getting ready to go on holiday, then you’ll know that squeezing your beauty essentials into your suitcase with the flight’s weight restrictions is no mean feat.

But fortunately when it comes to your hair, you don’t have to worry, as your favourite full size bottles of Lifeshine Oil and Shooshing Crème are both under 100ml – making them the perfect size for your hand luggage.

Lifeshine Oil is so good for your hair as it’s bursting with light-giving properties and moisturising nutrients to give your hair the moisture it needs to combat the sun’s drying effect. So, if you’re going to be dipping in the pool, then why not pop a bottle of Lifeshine Oil in your beach bag?

When you’ve had a swim, simply warm a few drops of Lifeshine Oil in your hands and smooth it through your wet hair. Then you can wrap your hair up in a towel, hat or turban and let the oil work its magic as you sit back and relax.

If your hair is prone to drying up in the sun, you can also smooth Lifeshine Oil through your hair before styling it to keep it smooth and sleek.

If you’re going to a hot climate and hate the way the humidity can leave your hair flat and fluffy, then don’t forget your Shooshing Crème. It gives grey and white hair weightless volume and texture, for a bit of added oomph whenever you need it. Simply rub a pea-sized amount through your fingers and run your hands through your hair – and voilà – perfect holiday hair!

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