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Hair how to’s 3: Slouchy low braid bun

Hair how to’s 3: Slouchy low braid bun

Welcome to the third installment in our ‘Hair how to’s’ series. Last time we taught you how to do the side chignon, a glamorous look perfect for an evening-do. This week we’re going to show you how to do what we call the ‘slouchy low braid bun’, a versatile look perfect for any occasion.

We think this bun is the mother of all buns! This braid bun looks intricate, but it’s relatively simple to achieve. With the video and the handy step-by-step instructions below you’ll soon master it. Once you do, please feel free to post a picture of the end result either at the bottom of this blog or on our Facebook page – we always love to see your hair creations!

How to create your own braid bun

It may look simple from the front but when you turn around you can see how effective a plait from the crown can be. You can rock this braid bun day or night just by following these three simple steps:

  1. If you have very straight hair, it is easier if you first give your hair a little bit of volume and curl to the ends, using tongs                    
  2. Take a section from the crown and make into three strands - cross each side over the middle piece to start a plait.  As you do each crossover add in sections from the side, which is how you create a French plait. Once you reach the base of the head, secure with a band and then use your fingers to loosen the plait slightly
  3. To make the bun, take the ponytail and twist it around the band, as if you were tying it into a knot. Tuck the end of the ponytail in the bottom and then pin to secure.  If bits of hair escape then this does not matter as it is not meant to look too neat. Keep adding pins until you feel it is secure and spray with hairspray if you feel it needs an extra hold. You could centralise the bun or do it to the side, depending on how you feel

Don’t forget, please send us pictures of your end look. And why not try creating our half-up-half-down casual bun too.