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Go Glorious Be Brilliant

Go Glorious Be Brilliant

We’re all feeling a whole range of emotions at the moment. From uncertain, to confused, to calm, to hopeful...and all the way back round again. It’s a strange old time. Definitely one we will look back on in years to come and reflect on all that happened. From the increase in kindness and community, to the clearer skies and waters and the nationwide displays of gratitude for our key workers, to the much smaller changes… such as an unexpected journey to grey.

The topic of hair has been a constant one in recent weeks. Although it’s a tiny speck on the conversation canvas, it has been there nevertheless and we have had new customers appearing who were not expecting to fly the silver flag for some time. Talk of root growth, grow-out lines, styling tips, brassiness banishing… and that’s just *trimming the surface. (*don’t trim your fringe!) Mainly, people want to know what to use. Their cut might be longer than usual, their grow-out line might be harsher than they’d like, their hair might feel on the frizzy side.

We get it. Whatever you’re feeling today…. We want you to Go Glorious and Be Brilliant. When thinking of the best way to care for your hair, whether you’re used to your grey or not, is to start with a great shampoo.

You might be hooked on our two shampoos already. You might be unsure which to pick, or want to know how they differ. So I thought I would help.

Glorious Shampoo ….Silver hair doesn’t need a purple shampoo every wash. Introducing our creamy, white formula for every day moisture and shine with a detoxing complex to neutralise shine-dulling pollutants plus a luxurious touch of hydrating White Truffle. Restore your silver to its natural shine.

Brilliant Shampoo ....Purple shampoo doesn’t have to be dark and inky. Here’s our gentle, violet formula for use every few washes to keep the brassiness at bay, give your silver a brightening boost and bring the shine.

Try a squeeze of our Glorious AND Brilliant together, for super hydration & nourishment plus brightening….All in one. If you don’t fancy that, use Glorious as your everyday shampoo, then swap in Brilliant every few washes. Both are available as part of several different duos and bundles and you can also buy them together along with our Luminous Conditioner in the Cleanse and Condition Trio.

If we can help you feel better in the smallest of ways, through something as simple as washing your hair…we’re happy with that. As always, do get in touch, do send us your #silverselfies and use the hashtag #LOCKSDOWN . We love to hear from you and hear how you’re getting on. Any questions or advice you need, drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email at [email protected].uk , we’ll be happy to help.


Founder- White Hot