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Dare to Show your Hair

Dare to Show your Hair

Fringe trimming, root peeking, unexpected dye-ditching…. Although most definitely not a priority, hair is without a doubt on a lot of people’s minds at the moment. From missed hair appointments, to at-home tutorials, we are all having different thoughts about our hair. Some of us feel freed from the maintenance, some are pining after their hairdresser, some are using this time to experiment and embrace their silver side.

If there ever was a ‘right’ time to go grey, ditch the dye, let your silver flag fly… now might just be it. We have received so many messages recently seeking advice on the early days of your journey to grey, how to blend in your roots from home and any tips we have on riding it out.

Firstly, at White Hot we think you should do whatever makes you feel good. If you have been wanting to grow out your grey for a while, we say go for it! It’s liberating. If you don’t feel quite ready yet, hide it with hairstyles, headbands… even hats. You can always dye it again once you’re reunited with your hairdresser.  We also say we’re not the hair dye police, we champion choice whether that’s with or without your silver lining. 

Here’s a few recent celebratory comments from glorious dye-ditchers ….

At 54, I am 6 years into my silver regrets! So much freedom from the time, money and chemicals. I truly wish I had “ditched the dye” much earlier. - Melissa

I am now completely silver grey but like you did my hair over many years. To start I went lighter and then just started using toners to blend in. I also took the opportunity for a restyle, going shorter with a new style made it so much easier. It was the best decision ever. People comment on my hair now which they never did before. I wish I had done it years ago or not stayed during our when the first grey hairs showed in my twenties. - Alison

I dyed my hair for years but decided a few years back to embrace my grey and I love it. I proudly glisten now- Paula

I'm grey not by choice but due to chemotherapy, my new hair has grown through grey and I now actually love it, I will never colour my hair again, it is so precious - Ann

I am 72 and ditched the dye at 65. I wish I had done it sooner because I was very dark naturally and continuing with dark hair I felt was actually ageing me because it looked so harsh. I have to say I was surprised how white I was because I had been colouring my hair for so long. The freedom of not having to colour is wonderful. - Carole 

Whether you’re mid-way through the journey, only just beginning or right at the end of your way to grey, look after your hair. We can help you with that. Any questions you have, personal product recommendations or advice on embracing your silvers… find us on Facebook and Instagram or send us an email at [email protected].uk.

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