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Birthdays are good news!

Birthdays are good news!

Today I’m returning to my well-worn theme of Birthdays Are a Good Thing.  Yes, a birthday is a milestone that says you’re still here, still growing, still learning and able to celebrate the fact, which of course is far better than the alternative.  So, today we’re celebrating our own birthday - White Hot is 4!  

Launching a small, independent brand is a tricky business and not for the faint hearted. Without the mega advertising budgets of the global haircare players, without the TV ads of swishy hair, without the negotiating power with retailers we’re growing our baby with a nourishing diet of lovely customers who try us, tell their friends and come back for more.  Today we salute you!  Thank you for helping us get to be 4 years old, we couldn’t have come this far without you.  

We’ve been talking in the office recently about our purpose for White Hot and agree that we want our daughters to feel free of the pressure to cover their grey from the very first strand and see silver as just another great colour choice.  If we can do that for anyone, it will be a very happy birthday indeed.

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