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Back to basics or branching out...?

Back to basics or branching out...?

How do you start your day? My routine starts early as I love mornings, a 6am coffee outside while my dog, Ted has a sniff round the garden. I love the stillness as I listen to the birds and give myself a blow of fresh air and a dose of nature before my day begins.

How about your hair wash routine? Do you reach for the same products each day or do you mix it up? My go-to is Glorious Shampoo, our creamy white formula for an every day, nourishing cleanse. Every other wash or even every few days, I swap in Brilliant Shampoo, our gentle violet brightening booster. I occasionally finish with a squeeze of Luminous Conditioner for some extra hydration and shine, however conditioner isn’t always on the menu for me. My non-negotiable is Shooshing Crème. Volume, lift, texture, messiness, oomph….yes please.

Our range may be small but you can mix a match depending on what you need. Feeling a bit yellowy? Reach for Brilliant Shampoo and perhaps pop on some Intense Lustre Mask while you’re soaking in the bath for a super-charged boost. Dry and frizzy? Grab Glorious Shampoo, maybe a squeeze of Luminous Conditioner and finish with a few drops of Lifeshine Oil for glossy, smooth, silky soft silver. Flat and fluffy? Shooshing Crème will soon whip your grey into shape.

Each product has its own superpower and whether you’re going back to basics and steering clear of styling or branching out and giving your silver a boost, they can slot into your routine whenever you need them.

Anything you need? Find us on Facebook and Instagram or send us an email at [email protected].uk . Need some inspo? Head over to Pinterest . We also love hearing your discoveries. Maybe using both Shooshing Crème and Lifeshine Oil together on wet hair or combining our two shampoos? Whatever it is...keep your White Hot insider tips coming.

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