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Are you with us? Join our White Hot community on Facebook & Instagram

Are you with us? Join our White Hot community on Facebook & Instagram

We regularly receive wonderful messages about the community we have created together. Whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram or right here with our bi-weekly newsletters. We love our White Hot-ers and seeing your selfies, hearing your stories and witnessing your support and encouragement for one another is just brilliant. A real booster.

Connection is crucial. Sharing our stories helps us all to feel connected, even when we’re apart. Whether you’re commenting on a stranger with a lovely head of emerging silver, or offering advice to an apprehensive dye ditcher, it makes a difference. Especially in the last year. It’s a tribe I hope will continue on and on.

If you’re not yet with us on Facebook or Instagram, do head over there to take a look. Not only are there some lovely people, but also fabulous #greyspiration and top tips, video how-tos and great Zoom chats with some glorious silvers from all over the exclusive giveaways and competitions.

We hope to be a spot of positivity on your feed, so do come and join us....we would love to have you! Invite your friends too. As always, anything you need just drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or send an email to [email protected] .

Take care,


Founder- White Hot