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5 things we LOVE about being dye free

5 things we LOVE about being dye free

It’s the month of love and today I thought I would have a quick celebration with 5 things I LOVE about being dye-free.

Less hair worry

When is my hair appointment? Will it clash with an important event? Will I need my roots doing? Will it look fresh for one occasion and then craving a touch up for another? Of course I still love having my hair cut and styled, but I don’t have the same urgency with my appointments. I don’t have to time them to perfection anymore. It’s rather relaxing.


Like any, grey is just a colour. I happen to love the blues, greens, pinks and vibrant pops that work with my hair, and I also love a more classic pallette too. Has my style changed a whole lot since ditching the dye? I’m not sure, but it has evolved. I notice myself steering clear of murky beiges and super cool ash tones and reaching for a crisp white t-shirt with a graphic pink design or a lime beanie paired with a chunky knit. Plus denim is always a winner with grey, in my opinion.


Staying on the style theme…if you know me, you’ll know I love jewellery. I used to think I was a silver metal only woman, but in recent years I have ventured to the gold side. I may even love it more. I assumed gold wouldn’t ‘work’ with silver hair and how wrong I was… I love a pair of gold huggie hoops, or a couple of layered gold necklaces or a statement gold ring. Jewellery aside, my hair feels like an accessory all on its own sometimes.

Healthy happy hair

My hair is without a doubt thicker, happier and healthier than it ever was when I dyed it. We often say that hair can feel thinner and coarser after ditching the dye…but with the right care, this doesn’t have to be the case. Hydrated, bright, nourished and shiny, just the way I like it.

It's unique

Although I certainly feel as though I see more silver heads than I used to, it still feels unique, special and liberating to have dye-free hair. It feels just as celebratory as it did right at the beginning, over a decade ago and I love it.

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