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5 reasons to try a shampoo bar (specifically Gloss Bar)

5 reasons to try a shampoo bar (specifically Gloss Bar)

If you haven’t already gathered, we’re very excited to have just launched Gloss Bar, our solid shampoo with Coconut Oil, Marshmallow Root extract and Witch Hazel. At White Hot, we wanted to create a product that we would *without a doubt* integrate into our own routines; a product that reduces packaging, feels amazing to use, is a great solution for travel and feels completely true to our range and brand.

So why try a solid shampoo (specifically....Gloss Bar)?

*Gloss Bar is virtually packaging free. Our creamy white solid shampoos come in a duo pack, inside a paper packet. As I mentioned a couple of emails ago, there are 2 best ways to store it : either on a soap dish to drain and air dry, or in a soap bag. If you need to transport it, there are many shampoo bar cases on the market, but in terms of our packaging for Gloss Bar, we wanted to minimise as much as we could.

*They last. During our trial about 6 months ago, many customers said they were surprised by how long Gloss Bar lasted. In general, you use less per application with a solid shampoo vs. a liquid. This is especially true with proper care (see above!)

*Super lightweight. If, like us you have been dreaming of travel in the past year, you’ll be pleased to know that Gloss Bar will make packing your toiletries lighter and easier than ever. No need to lug bottles around on a trip, or worry about running out of shampoo. Gloss Bar is the perfect solution for travel, without missing out on your White Hot fix.

*So easy. If you struggle with tubes, bottles or caps, Gloss Bar is the answer.

*Helps boost hair health. With Coconut Oil to naturally cleanse and nourish, Marshmallow Root extract for smoothing and de-tangling, and a touch of Witch Hazel to gently soothe sensitive scalps. Thicker, softer, happier grey.

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