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5 Reasons To LOVE Your Grey

5 Reasons To LOVE Your Grey

There are countless reasons to celebrate grey. If nothing else, it’s just a fantastic, chic colour choice. This year there will be many of you who are new to grey, silver, white, salt & pepper or whatever your shade and I wanted to share a few of my favourite reasons to LOVE it.


It opens up a whole new colour palette of clothes and style. From midnight blue to fuschia pink and anything in between. Going from a dyed ‘faux brown’ shade to my natural icy white, the pieces I chose changed hugely. I do love a bit of animal print too and personally think that looks fabulous with grey.


From chemical dyeing, from harsh treatments, from regular root cover ups. I’m free!


I feel a real sense of liberation and like the me I’m meant to be. If dyeing your hair still makes you feel like you, that’s wonderful. I got to the point where I wanted my most authentic self to ‘grow out’ and reveal herself.

Happier Hair

After growing out the dye, my hair became thicker, healthier, shinier, happier and more nourished.


All that time I used to spend hooked on covering my roots. No more! I still go to the hairdresser of course, but I have gained so much time back that I can spend doing things I love as a result of ditching the dye.

What are your reasons? Do share them, we love to hear from you. Any advice you need, reach out on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email at [email protected] .

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Image by Jamie Street