I guess we are only just outside the official 'new year's resolutions' period, those heady January days when we promise ourselves so much.  Small changes.  Big adventures.  Like many of us, as I head into my 60th birthday this year, I know there's work to do on eating more healthily and, there's no avoiding it, getting slimmer and fitter.  The thing is, when I start noticing that whatever I do to my hair, it doesn't quite suit me as much as it did, I realise that the unfortunate truth is that my face has grown a little too big for my hair.  Yes.  This is a thing. Along with scanning the wardrobe for another variant of something that drapes over my bottom, the sense that I've outgrown my haircut is a sure sign that Something Must Be Done.  So, as we speak, I've yet to decide exactly what that is, but watch this space.  Change is a-coming.