As much as we love it, the sun can wreak havoc on our white and grey hair. Think of white and grey hair like pale skin; if you go in the sun without the correct sun protection then it’s likely to cause sun damage and your skin will burn. It’s exactly the same with your hair - as white and grey hair has no pigment, it needs extra sun protection to stop it becoming frazzled, as well as some extra special TLC after a day basking in the sun.

So, with summer holidays around the corner, we strongly recommend protecting your hair against the sun’s harmful UV rays with a sun hat or light scarf. If you’d like some inspiration then why not check out our slideshow of summer hair cover ups.

If you’re getting ready to go on holiday, then you’ll know that squeezing your beauty essentials into your suitcase with the flight’s weight restrictions is no mean feat. So exclusively on the White Hot website, we’ve launched two exclusive limited edition Summer Bundles that you can easily pack in your suitcase or hand-luggage and contain everything you need for gorgeous holiday hair!

If you’re hair tends to get a bit dry and dehydrated in the sun and needs a bit of help to keep it looking healthy and glossy, then why not treat yourself to White Hot’s Summer Gloss Bundle (£20) which contains a full size bottle of Lifeshine Oil (50ml) plus seven sachets of Brilliant Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner to nourish your hair and leave it with dazzling shine.

If the sun can make your white and grey hair take on more of a yellowy hue, then the Summer Boost Bundle (£20) is perfect for you. It contains a full size tub of Intense Lustre Mask (100ml) to deeply condition your hair after a day in the sun and keeps your hair looking bright and white. It also contains seven sachets of Brilliant Shampoo and Luminous Conditioner to brighten, cleanse and condition your hair in two simple steps!

To get your hands on these limited edition Summer Bundles, take a look at our White Hot shop today.

Happy holidays!